Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs Specialists in Sydney

Damaged roofs pose a significant danger to your family and employees. Don’t put off your roof repairs — have them fixed by a professional. Black Cat Roofing can repair or replace gutters and roofs on residential homes, strata properties or large commercial or industrial buildings to any height. Black Cat Roofing contractors and estimators are the best in their field when it comes to finding the fault, recommending the best workable solution for your roof repair and repairing it.

Roof Penetrations Repairs

Commercial roofs are often riddled with penetrations. In the case of penetrations, such as vent pipes and drains, the weak link is the method used to attach the roof to the penetration. No matter the size or number of penetrations through your roof, if they are not correctly sealed, they will leak. Black Cat Roofing will ensure all your penetrations are professionally sealed to ensure your roof is watertight.

Box Guttering

Rusted box gutters are a major problem. Water, leaves and debris left to rot in your box gutters will damage the metal causing rust and holes. As box gutters are designed to transport the water coming off the roof faces to the nearest outlets, it is vital that they are in good working order. Black Cat Roofing has the skills and experience to repair your box gutters for optimum results.

Repairing Leaking Roofs

Roof leaks are a true pain, but they can also be dangerous if water makes its way over to electrical appliances, and costly if the water sits on your carpet for more than a few hours. A lot of repairs that we carry out are due to tradesmen walking across the roof incorrectly and denting sheets. Black Cat Roofing knows that roof leak repairs can’t wait and we’re ready to put the roof back over your head whenever leaks appear.

Fixing Poor Workmanship

Poor workmanship is not something you’ll experience when Black Cat Roofing is called in to handle your roof repairs. If your residential or commercial property needs repairs, call the expert contractors at Black Cat Roofing in Sydney today on 1300 4 Roofing.