Residential Testimonials

The roofing job is finished and the results are great. We were particularly impressed with our roofer who was meticulous in everything he did and provided the care and detail we had hoped for. We were very impressed by this skill and calm dedication to getting everything right.

Our thanks for a job well-done.

BH – Woolwich

Many thanks for the professionalism of the whole Black Cat Roofing team. You definitely provide superior service. We will be sure to recommend you to our friends.

Many thanks again.

Many thanks for the excellent job that your company carried out to the damaged roof at our house. We have been struggling to find a solution to the water leaks in our kitchen for over a year now, as no one really identified where the problems actually were. Your company was the only one that could give us a positive and cost effective solution. It has been over two months since the work was carried out (and there has been heavy rain) and the problem has been completely fixed.

We would also commend your employees on the polite, efficient and professional manner in which they undertook the work. We would have no problems in recommending Black Cat Roofing to anyone with roofing problems.

All the best and your sincerely

I would like to thank Black Cat Roofing for the prompt and efficient way in which repairs were carried out on my home. I must say that I have not had such real service for a very long time. You not only came when you said you would, but when necessary, always made contact promptly.

Thank you again.

In reference to the recent repairs to my roof, I wish to say how happy I was with Black Cat Roofing. In business today it is not so evident that we get what we pay for but in this case Black Cat Roofing was more than efficient and obliging and I am happy with the finished product.

I am happy to recommend your company if needed.

Yours faithfully
CC – Loftus

The day my roof was painted with Astec was a real scorcher. As I was driving home from work I thought ‘what a shame it wasn’t painted yesterday, then I would be arriving home to a potentially cool house’. I was pleasantly surprised as I walked in the back door to notice the house was cooler than usual even on such a hot day with the roof having only been painted that day. I was further surprised when after 5 minutes I had to turn the air conditioner down to the lowest reading. After a few more minutes I turned it off.

The temperature inside the house has been relatively constant since. Despite see-sawing temperatures, I have only needed to put the air conditioner on once and again on low. I have not noticed the uncomfortable heat during the night in bed, just opened the window, nor have I needed to put on excess clothes when the weather turned cold outside. I know colder weather is yet to come, but I’m optimistic the roof will keep the house a little warmer as well. If I only need the air conditioner on low I imagine I could be just as lucky with the heating.


I have pleasure in recommending Black Cat Roofing to anyone contemplating roof construction, repairs or maintenance. Black Cat Roofing has done extensive and totally successful repairs to the roof and outdoor terrace of our house including re-alignment of pipes and drainage, re-membraning and tiling.

The job was carried out by experts and workers who were competent and very pleasant to deal with.

Black Cat Roofing was employed to remove and replace the roof at our rental property in Hornsby Heights. The workers at all times were polite and showed a lot of regard for the people in the house. They worked each day they were at the property well into the night to secure the house from the weather.

A few minor repairs had to be taken out a few days later and they returned to carry out the repairs without hesitation. I found the workers to be reliable and responsible for the job that had to be undertaken.

I have no hesitation in recommending Black Cat Roofing or any of the workmen individually for any further work.

Yours sincerely,

Just a note to let you know that we are very happy with our new roof but what I think is as important is what you may term your “customer relations”.

From my first contact re a quote until your people put the roof on was a “no hassle” experience. I can’t tell you how important that is when one is renovating a complete house and there are a number of trades people to deal with – not always a pleasant experience!