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Our Mission Statement

Customer Service is our primary objective. This begins with our people and their commitment to providing our customers with quality products that conform to mutually agreed upon requirements. We continuously seek to improve our service by ensuring we do it right the first time.

Safety is of fundamental importance to us. The safety of our tradesmen, our customers and the public is very important to us. Nothing we do is worth someone getting hurt.

Quality can only be achieved through professionalism and care. We care about producing a stellar product and thus you, the customer, receives quality workmanship every time.

Time waste is not something you will experience while dealing with us. From the first appointment with our Estimators all the way through to the completion of your roofing job, your time is our consideration.

Guarantee’s of 7 years are given for all new work. Our company policy is to inspect all guarantee checks within 48 hours of a call, weather permitting of course. For repairs we offer varying lengths of guarantees depending on the state of the roof and the repairs required.

Our Environmental Policy shows we are continually striving to work more efficiently and cleaner so that we can minimize our waste and reduce our impact on the environment.

Satisfaction is knowing we have completed a ‘job well done’ and knowing that you have received stellar service, professional workmanship and value for money.